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about kingpins
Our concept is simple – The denim industry is a small, tight, low-key community built on heritage, passion, innovation and connection.

In 2004, we launched our tiny jeans supply chain show in New York for like-minded members of the denim tribe. We soon realized the tribe was bigger than we thought - and everyone was looking for a sense of community.

Our attitude then is our attitude now:
Yes to an invitation-only guest list
Yes to a small footprint with a big impact
Yes to a family vibe and an open bar
Yes to seminars and panels for sharing ideas and inspiring each other and continually learning as much as we can
Yes to being productive and progressive members of the indigo community interested in bringing sustainability to our industry

Our message has resonated and Kingpins shows can now be found in New York, Hong Kong, Amsterdam and China.

And we have expanded our reach.

In 2015 we launched Kingpins Transformers, a series of summits for members of the denim industry dedicated to making the jeans industry more environmentally viable, socially responsible and financially sound through education and discussion. Target signed on as the first-ever sponsor in 2017.

In 2014 we launched Global Denim Awards, a first-of-its-kind runway show and competition that aims to connect talent and industry to create a directional platform for the future of denim design, innovation, sustainability and craftsmanship.

We have spun-off our in-house media division, Kingpins Media, into a boutique production company that serves suppliers, mills and companies in the denim industry looking for content developed by creatives that live, eat and breathe the denim industry.

In 2016 we hosted our first-ever China City Tour, where we took our Kingpins concept on a tour of important but under-served denim cities in China. China City Tour 2017 will be nearly double the size.

Our reach is bigger than ever and we have learned a lot along the way - but our core values and our intimate approach to the denim trade remain the same.

Small can be good. We started that way.
But reaching out to a larger audience engages more of the denim community.