Visual amsterdam westergasfabriek

April 18/19 2018 amsterdam



April 18/19 2018

doors open:

day 1: 10:00am - 6:00pm

day 2: 10:00am - 5:00pm


gashouder building
klönneplein 1
1014 DD amsterdam.



April 18/19 2018
hong kong
may 16/17 2018
New York
June 6/7 2018
  • X Logo LYCRA® fiber

    LYCRA® fiber

    For more than two decades, LYCRA® fiber has revolutionized the denim world, bringing enhanced comfort, style and fit to women’s, and more recently, men’s denim fashions. Today, this amazing fiber continues to be the industry’s elastane of choice, thanks to its exceptional performance and consumer preference.  The LYCRA® brand is owned and marketed by INVISTA, one of the of the world’s largest integrated producers of polymers and fibers, primarily for spandex, polyester and nylon applications. With a business presence in over 20 countries, INVISTA delivers exceptional value to its customers through market insights, innovative technologies, and a powerful portfolio of some of the most recognized global brands including LYCRA®, COOLMAX® and THERMOLITE® fibers.  See below for additional information or visit to learn more.

    LYCRA® fiber
    INVISTA’s brand of elastane for high quality stretch, recovery, and consistency
    LYCRA® T400® fiber
    INVISTA’s brand of bi-component fiber that provides comfort stretch, recovery, & resistance to chlorine
    LYCRA® dualFX® technology
    Patented technology combining LYCRA® and LYCRA® T400® fibers for fabrics with super stretch and super recovery
    LYCRA® BEAUTY fabric
    Uses patented technology combining LYCRA® and LYCRA® T400® fibers to create fabrics that shape you comfortably
    LYCRA® lastingFIT technology
    Uses LYCRA® T400® fiber to create fabrics with comfort stretch and lasting recovery
    LYCRA® XFIT technology
    Uses LYCRA® T400® fiber to create patented four way stretch fabrics for 360 degree comfort & fit
    LYCRA®TOUGH MAX™ technology
    Uses bare LYCRA® T400® fiber in the weft to create durable denim fabrics
    LYCRA® HYBRID  technology
    Patented constructions using LYCRA® and LYCRA® T400® fiber combine the look of a woven with the comfortable fit and freedom of a knit
    COOLMAX® fiber
    Uses special cross-section fibers to create fabrics that help keep you cool and dry
    COOLMAX® ALL SEASON technology
    Uses a combination of fibers with special cross-sections and those with a hollow core to create fabrics to keep you cool and dry when warm and comfortable on cooler days
    THERMOLITE® fiber
    Uses hollow core fibers to create fabrics that help keep you warm when temperatures fall.
    THERMOLITE® INFARED technology
    Uses proprietary near infrared yarns to raise the temperature of the garment, helping keep you warm when temperatures fall.

  • X Logo E3


    e3 is a transparent, environmentally responsible, economically viable and socially equitable program that provides stringent guidelines for farmers in the United States who grow Certified FiberMax® or authentic Stoneville® cotton. e3 takes to the next level the Certified FiberMax and authentic Stoneville programmes, which allow buyers to identify where their cotton was grown utilizing a certification database maintained exclusively by Bayer CropScience.

  • Visual amsterdam westergasfabriek
  • Visual amsterdam westergasfabriek


Company Headquarter(s) or Manufactured in: Indigo Denim Factory Piece Dyed Factory Laundries Garment Factories with Laundries Garment Factories w/o Laundries Trim & Accessories Other
496 Fabric Lab Taiwan Jacquards
A&A Textile Co., Ltd Taiwan
Absolute Denim Thailand
Advance Denim Co., Ltd. China
ALBIATE 1830 div.Cotonificio Albini S.p.A. Italy
Artistic Denim Mills Pakistan
Artistic Fabric & Garment Industries Pakistan
Artistic Milliners - Denim Garments & Finishing Pakistan, United Arab Emirates
Artistic Milliners - Denim Mill Pakistan
Arvind Limited India
Aryan's Morocco
Atlantic Mills Thailand
Bafang Denim China
Berto + Manifattura 1887 Italy
Beximco Limited Bangladesh
Blue Diamond China
Bossa T.A.S. Turkey
Calik Denim Turkey
Canatiba Denim Industry Brazil, Switzerland
Candiani Denim Italy
Cheng Shiang Ind. Co., Ltd. Taiwan
Cone Denim USA, Mexico, China
Crescent Bahuman Ltd Pakistan
DDI – DenimDeL’ile Mauritius
Denim Authority Tunisia Tunisia
Denim Expert Ltd. Bangladesh
Deridesen Etiket Turkey
Desert Studio Dubai UAE
Diamond Denim by Sapphire Pakistan
DNM Textile Egypt; Turkey
Dynamo Turkey
e3 USA e3 is a transparent, environmentally responsible, economically viable, and socially equitable program for farmers in the US growing Certified FiberMa1® or Stoneville® cotton
Elleti Group Italy, Romania, Tunisia
FM Group Mauritius USA; Mauritius
Foison Textile Limited China
Global Denim Mexico, USA
Imatex Italy Weaving Company Italy
Indet Bangladesh/China/India/Spain/Vietnam
Indigo Istanbul Germany/Italy/Netherland/Turkey/United States
INVISTA China;Mexico;Singapore;Switzerland;United States Fiber manufacturer, innovation and branding leader. Makers of LYCRA® fiber, LYCRA® T400® fiber, dualF1®, SHAPING and TOUGH MA1? technologies by LYCRA® brand, COOLMA1®, COOLMA1® All Season fabric, THERMOLITE® and CORDURA® fabric.
Iskur Denim Turkey
Jeanologia Spain; Turkey
Kassim Denim Pakistan
Kilim Denim Turkey
Kipas Denim Turkey
Knitdigo China, Taiwan
Kurabo Japan
Landes Global Germany Packaging
Lavasser Morocco
Lenzing Austria, China, Czech Republic, Indonesia, USA Fiber Producer. Man-made cellulosic fibers: TENCEL(R) , Lenzing Modal(R), ProModal®
Liou Long Tai Textile Factory Co., Ltd Taiwan
Metalbottoni S.p.A. China/Italy/Turkey
Mou Fung Limited China
Naveena Denim Pakistan
Neela Blue Pakistan
New Wash Morocco
Nien Hsing Textile Co., Ltd Cambodia;Lesotho;Mexico;Taiwan;Vietnam
Orta Anadolu Bahrain;Turkey
Pacific Jeans Bangladesh
Panama Trimmings srl Italy
Pizarro Portugal Dye and Print House
Prosperity Textile China
PureDenim Italy
Rainbow Textiles x Teijin China; Japan
Ribbontex Italy
Romatex Mexico
Sapphire Finishing Mills Pakistan
Sartex Tunisia
Seazon Denim China
Sharabati Denim Egypt
Soorty Pakistan
Stella Blue China
Tai Yuen Textile Co., Ltd. Taiwan
Tat Fung Textile Co., Ltd China
Tavex Spain
Tejidos Royo Spain
Textil Santanderina Spain
Timay & Tempo Belgium;Italy;Turkey
Turteks Etiket A.S. Turkey
US Group Pakistan
Vicunha Textil Argentina/Brazil/Ecuador/Netherlands/Switzerland
Vita China
W Denim Turkey
YKK Japan
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