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April 18/19 2018
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Cheers to 5 years in Amsterdam! And to our strongest show ever. We say it after every show and it has been true every single time.

Thanks to the strength of our exhibitors' offerings and the fact that you - our attendees - show up every season, Kingpins Amsterdam

has grown each edition. So, thanks. We couldn't have done it without you.

A special thank-you to our sponsors - INVISTA and e3 Cotton.


Some highlights:

We added a show-in-show just for some of the most innovative and transformative companies in the denim supply chain today. It is in the aptly-named Transformatorhuis.

Kingpins Trend was back, stronger and more inspiring. You can buy it here and see a quick rundown of the season's trends here.

Transformers: Transparency – Kingpins Transformers tackled the issue of Transparency on April 17 in Amsterdam. Thanks to a fantastic panel of speakers and experts who made excellent presentations, more of our denim industry colleagues have learned about Transparency and are better equipped to affect change within their own companies. We will be staging the Transparency summit again in June in New York.

Kingpins Transformers 2018 Calendar*:
June 5 // NYC - Kingpins Transformers: Transparency
October 23 // Amsterdam – Kingpins Transformers: Innovation
November 27 // NYC – Kingpins Transformers: Innovation

* please note Kingpins Transformers always immediately precedes our Kingpins Amsterdam and New York shows.

5th Anniversary – Kingpins Amsterdam celebrated 5 years this season and we are thankful for your support and for the reception we received. And, ours wasn’t the only anniversary observed in Amsterdam. Candiani Denim, Orta Anadolu, and Calik also celebrated milestones. Congrats to them!

Denim Days – The 2018 Denim Days schedule has just been released – and there is an exciting new city to turn blue this year – Nashville! The Denim Days calendar is below. If you are interested in participating, we have included contact info below.
Denim Days 2018:
New York Denim Days – September 21-23
Amsterdam Denim Days – October 22-28
Nashville Denim Days – November 9-11

Sales Contacts:
Jerred Ciresi

Rest of the World
Robert Grauwen


We're back for S/S 2020 (!!!) in October. October 24/25.